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Parent's Program 2019

Parent's Program 2019

May 13, 2019

We just had our parents program in early May. The program featured Ms. Jenny and her musical kids as well as Ms. Amber presenting our Academic achievements.

The program included:

1. We love our country-----Pledge of Allegiance
2. Learning Letters ---------ABC Song
3. Vowels----------------------Old McDonald Had a Farm
4. Phonics---------------------The sound alphabet and blend chart
5. Reading demonstration
6. We learn to count---------Addition and Subtraction
7. All about money-----------Coin chant
8. Thank you for coming-----We are the Liberty Kids!

Kids paint Pet Rocks and visit Seniors

Students at Liberty Kids Academy painted "pet rocks" for Seniors at
the neighborhood retirement home. Then they delivered the pet
rocks to the Seniors and spent time visiting with them.

Liberty Kids growing their gardens.

They all worked hard on their summer garden projects. They learned about plants, weeds, water, and sun. Now they get to eat what they worked hard to produce.


Liberty Kids participating in our wonderful music class. Here they learn about rhythm, sounds, harmony, notes and lots more. They have lots of fun singing and moving to the music!


In July Liberty Kids went to the Nampa Civic Center to see the play Matilda. The entire play was put on by kids.

Our Liberty Kids totally enjoyed the play. They also enjoyed riding the big school bus.


Liberty Kids participating in show and tell. learning to be respectful while someone is speaking and learning how to speak in front of a group.