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*Enrollment fee: $50

K-5 Curriculum in Nampa, ID

Our K-3, K-4 and K-5 programs cover similar concepts and skills, but are three distinct programs, so that children are challenged at age appropriate levels. These programs help prepare children for a life of learning. Each level of learning builds on the previous level as taught with the A Beka program.

Naturally, character-building is also one of the ultimate goals of Christian education. All teaching materials reinforce and help build strong, positive character. Your children will learn important concepts through music, poetry, arts & crafts and more. The character development concepts include: courage, respect, obedience, kindness, truthfulness, forgiveness, love for country, etc.

The subjects taught in this level are:

Language Arts

My Blend and Word Book
Large Alphabet Flashcards
Mini Alphabet Flashcards
Letters and Sounds k5 Teacher Key
Basic Phonics Flashcards
Clue Word Cards
Blend Practice Cards A & B
Letter Picture Flashcards
One-Vowel Word Cards
Two-Vowel Word Cards
Alphabet Fun Stories
Basic Phonics Readers Teacher Edition


Writing with Phonics K5
K5 Writing Tablet
Cursive Formation Flashcards
Manuscript Alphabet Flashcards


My Favorite Kindergarten Poems Visuals


Numbers Skills K5 Teacher Key
Numbers Writing Tablet K5
Numbers Flashcards
Numbers Concept Flashcards
Combination Dot Cards
Addition and Subtraction Animal Flashcards
Basic k5 Concept Cards


God's World K5 (non-denominational)


Art Projects K5
K5 Bible Activity Book (non-denominational)


Song Time for K5 and CD

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