1st Grade Curriculum in Nampa, ID

Language Arts

Handbook for Reading Teacher Edition (TE)
Letters and Sounds 1 Teacher Key (TK)
Letters and Sounds 1 Test Key
Blend Practice Cards A & B
Basic Phonics Charts
Basic Phonics Flashcards
Clue Word Cards
Large Alphabet Flashcards
Fun with Pets TE
Tiptoes TE
Stepping Stones TE
Secrets and Surprises TE
Kind and Brave TE
Aesop's Fables TE
Strong and True TE
Down by the Sea TE
Animals in the Great Outdoors TE
Primary Bible Reader (non-denominational )
Language 1 TK
Spelling and Poetry TE
Writing and Phonics 1
1st Grade Writing Tablet
Cursive Formation Flashcards
Manuscript Formation Flashcards


My American and My World TE
Community Helpers TE


Arithmetic 1 TE
Arithmetic 1 Tests/ Speed Drills Key
Addition Flashcards
Subtraction Flashcards
Classroom Coins
Place Value Concepts Cards
Arithmetic 1-2 Concept Cards
Numbers Flashcards


Discovering God's World TE (non-denominational )


Health, Safety, and Manners 1 TE


Art Projects 1
Bible Friends Activity Books (non-denominational )


Songs We Enjoy 1 and CD