Liberty Kids Academy (LKA) is an independent Christian school, founded upon the principles of traditional/classical education. Our emphasis is in teaching the basics of learning...reading, writing and arithmetic all based upon critical thinking. We know education cannot be presented as a "one size fits all" program. Every child is unique, and learns in their own individual way.

LKA is a local, homegrown, private school, and not part of any big franchise or charter school. Why?? We have no Federal ties. The curriculum we use is a non-denominational Christian curriculum, and has been utilized throughout the United States since 1972. It is child tested and parent approved! Our curriculum combines basic primary instruction with important Christian values (ie:don't lie, don't steal, don't cheat,etc...). This program gives children the necessary fundamentals for the tools of life.

Our History

Our beginnings started in 1980 in Boise, Idaho. Being concerned about education even during that early era, and having 2 small children, our founder Susan Wonnacott decided to start a private independent Christian school. After much research and due diligence, Country Club Academy opened it's doors. This school functioned for approx. 20 years with great success! On average kindergarten classes scored "average first grade 5th month reading level at the 95th percentile", elementary grades "scored one to two grade levels ahead in reading", in the Iowa State Test.

After serving her children as well as hundreds of others in the private sector of education, Mrs. Wonnacott had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica where she resided for several years, and opened up another successful private bi-lingual school called Kiwi Learning Center. This school still functions today!

Returning back to the Boise area to be with her children and grandchildren, Mrs. Wonnacott soon became concerned with her granddaughter's public education which was creating low self esteem, and loss of a desire to learn. After becoming aware of many negative issues dealing with the current educational system (ie. Common Core, data collection, constant unnecessary testing, etc...), and seeing the void for classical, traditional education, Mrs. Wonnacott decided to bring back her proven educational program that has been vetted, child tested, and parent/teacher approved.

Welcome to Liberty Kids Academy!